Combination pack suitable for both boys and girls. You get an assorted pack of over 71 different name labels to get you going for school!

The Unisex school pack has been designed to be a sure hit with both boys and girls alike. This pack offers you an assortment of 71 different labels for different uses, plus 10 free laminates for the shoes labels making it a fun and personal way to organize all your stuff.


Unisex pack includes:

20 iron -labels

21 Just stick labels

10 Big dots

10 Star shaped labels

10 Feet shaped labels and

10 free laminates for further protection

71 labels + 10 Free laminates for Feet shaped labels, all  for just 14.99


Dimensions of the labels:

Iron on: 46 X 12mm

Big dots: 35mm diameter

Just-Stick labels: 30 X 13mm

Star Labels: 46 X 40mm

Feet Shaped labels: 46 X 24 mm (each)


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