Just- Stick Labels

No fuss Stick on labels for Clothing
2,49 lei

Idea Arc's Just-stick labels for fabric are perfect for any type of clothing heading for the laundry in a carehome/nursing home kind of enviornment. These labels are the quickest and easiest way to label your clothes, gloves, coats, linens or any other type of fabric which comes with a wash care tag. There is no need to iron or sew, just peel them and stick them on to your clothing's wash care label, and it will stick on and stay on wash after wash!  So quick! So easy!

Just-stick labels are versatile and can also be used as a multipurpose label to label other items in addition to clothing. These are ideal for labelling items like, containers, make-up, bottles, spectacle cases, Cell phones etc.


Dimensions of the label: 30 X 13mm