General Questions


Q.How does the  fundraising work with idea Arc?

A.Fundraising is  easy with idea Arc! With our wide range of labels and great personalised gift ideas, raising money for your school/group is straightforward and hassle free! For details click here.


Q.What payment methods do you accept?

A.We accept master card, visa and all debit cards.  Shop and pay securely with PayPal.


Q. What curriences do you accept?

A. We  accept all currencies via PayPal.


Q.Can I split the pack into two names?

A.Due to the nature of our production process it does not allow for 2 names per pack, but our pack sizes are small enough and you will find that you will use them faster than you think!

Q. What information do I include on the label?

A. The  name of the person and maybe a phone number as often a  telephone number makes returning lost items easier. It can be a mobile number or a land line number. If you have a child in boarding or a loved one in respite care even a room number is very useful.



Q.How long will it take to get my labels?

A.We normally deliver orders using Royal Mail as standard (Airmail for overseas). For bigger orders we use a secure courier. Royal Mail advise is that mail can take  1-3days to be delivered; for further Shipping and Delivery details click here.


Q.How long will my personalised item take to reach me?      

A. We normally try to ship personalised items within 1 working day.

Designing Online

Q. I need help designing my personalised bag, what do I do?

A. If you get stuck and are unable to create your own personalized bag or T shirt online, just give us a call and we will help you walk through your design.


Q.  I want something totally different on my bag how do I create it?

A.  We love new ideas and personalisation is all about you! so just call us and we will do our best  to convert your ideas into real designs!