About Us

Idea Arc is family run name label and personalized gift company.

As parents we understand how losing personal items and clothes at school/nursery is so frustrating and we understand how it totally throws your daily routine with key items missing!  The solution is labelling! But labelling can be tedious, time consuming and even messy if you are doing it with a pen.  What's worse, is if you have many children on the go, it can become a pain!  Idea Arc's labels offers you a variety of labels in fun shapes and colours making labelling a breeze! No sewing, no fuss, no mess!  It is so quick and easy even your kids will enjoy doing it!

Our aim is to make labelling fun and easy on the pocket!  All our labels are tough, waterproof, highly durable and most importantly, highly affordable!

Idea arc also make personalized items like T-shirts, backpacks, lunch bags etc.  It doesn't matter if you have common name or a rare name, you can have your name personalised on items to make them special because you are special!

Idea Arc believes in giving back to the community by supporting fundraising programs for clubs, nurseries and schools.

With a highly secure and easy to use website, designing your labels and personalised products is  made fun and interesting for your children.

Choose from our wide variety of colours and shapes  to label almost everything from school supplies, sports equipment, lunch boxes to dummies and wellies! The list is endless!   Idea Arc's  practical & durable labels are a must have for families on the go, making them and integral and essential  part of your lives to keep your things coming right back home !